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    2018-3-15 · Guazhou HaoTai Biological Technology limited company was built in 2011, and at this year our company finished the project of deep processing 10000 tons Chinese traditional medicinal materials. Our company’ projects included planting and processing licorice, Chinese wolfberry and other Chinese traditional medicinal materials.

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    2021-2-22 · Despite the limited scale of the company, its core competitiveness in the specific field has highlighted China's emerging "industries of the future," a new buzzword that points out the key direction of China's most recent round of industrial revolution. 10 5G-driven unmanned mining trucks were rumbling with full loads of iron ore in a

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    2016-6-24 · An 8.75% corporation tax is applied to companies with "Casablanca Finance City (CFC)" status; a 10% rate is applied to offshore banks, to CFC banks after the first five years, and any company making a fiscal profit of DH 300,000 or less; and a rate of 17.5% is levied on the activities of certain companies (hotel, craft, mining, educational

  • Chinese Reform: Thirty Years of Progress

    2019-12-2 · The company ranked 499th, with a gross revenue of US $16.788 billion. While China draws the largest amount of foreign investment in the world, after entry into the WTO the country's overseas investment increased and more mergers and acquisitions were seen, growing from US $1.8 billion in 2000 to US $4.8 billion in 2004.

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    2002-7-16 · treatment than products imported by state-trading enterprises, including but not limited to being subject to the same applied tariff and other duties and charges, inspection or . quarantine requirements, application of the value-added tax, application of provincial taxes.

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    2018-1-26 · In November 2013, China Communications Construction Company Limited and Board of Investment of Sri Lanka signed an investment agreement on the Port City Project in Colombo. The first-stage of the Port City Project mainly includes infrastructure construction like breakwaters, hydraulic reclamation, bank protection, roads, etc.

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    The autonomous Communist Party commission has improved the management of 1,787 temples in Tibet since 2012, promoting and leading religious groups to love the country and Buddhism, the Tibet Daily reported on Tuesday. An annual fund of 26 million yuan is provided to lamas and nuns in Tibet

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    The world’s first 8.8-meter smart scraper conveyor for a working face with large mining height is completed, Jan. 28, 2018. Since the major equipment was developed independently by China in 2011, it has replaced the imported equipment from Europe and the US. It has been granted 37 patents and won many prizes of mining industry. (Photo from CFP)